Ritchie Family Portraits

Ritchie Sneak PeekA princess dress and rocks! A sweet handsome boy with an adorable drool filled smile! The Ritchie family met me at FIT’s Botanical Garden for a morning full of fun. The kids got a kick out of all the silly things Miss Dayna was willing to do for a smile. Kim and her husband Andrew were awesome, they were up for an adventure of looking for great light and having fun along the way. Life with a two year old is not always predictable, but it is always fun. This sweet little girlie of theirs had her own ideas on where she wanted to play have smile. She was so excited about picking up rocks, running through the gardens and dancing with Mommy and Daddy. While their little guy, is teething, his little drool filled smile and big blue eyes just melt your heart! He too was excited to explore the grounds and just looked amazing in his bow tie. If ever I had a family hit the mark on what to wear for their portrait session, it was this one. They all looked so beautiful! And I think they would agree we had fun! I hope you enjoy the best from the Ritchie Family Portrait session.  View all the best here or their slideshow below.

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