Thank you for considering Madeline Garrett Photography for your next family portraits. I truly feel honored each time I receive a phone call asking me to capture your family on film. Children and families grow and change so fast, that is why it is so important to document your lives together along the way. When hiring a photographer to capture your family’s memories it is important to do your research, review their portfolio, interview the photographer and listen to their clients. What makes the experience of hiring a photographer different from going to a portrait studio is the time you spend during your photo session, not just the atmosphere. As a photographer, I want to make you feel comfortable and enjoy our time together. My goal is not only to capture beautiful images of your family, but also your true personality and what makes your children, your family unique. Here are just a few comments from my clients about our time together.


Portrait Clients


“When I was in kindergarten and they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my response was, “A Mom!” That’s ALL I have ever wanted to be. I consider my children to be the greatest accomplishment in my life. They fulfill and complete me. Dayna Healy has a way of capturing the essence of everything I ever aspired to be or have in a single photograph. With a single lens she takes a snapshot of my heart. She captures those moments with my little ones that I have dreamed of since my childhood. The moments you wish would never end. The moments you wish you could freeze time. She is a photographer with a love for life that shows in person and in print.” – Carly S.


“Dayna recently shot our maternity photo shoot at the beach. She had amazing energy from the moment we got there, up until the time we left. She arrived early to plan out which locations would make for the prettiest shots and also plan out very creative areas for certain poses. She really goes the extra mile for the client and the best possible photo. She knew exactly what time the sun was setting and when to move to the next area to get the most complimenting light. We had our very rambunctious 2 year old with us (and let me mention it was close to his bed time) but she kept him so content and knew exactly what to do to get him to smile and pose. We can truly say that we absolutely love every picture and we will cherish them forever. She captured the love our little family shares so perfectly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen photos of my family that show our personalities so well and for that I am forever grateful to her. These are truly keepsakes. Thank you so much Dayna for this opportunity and for all your hard work. You are an extraordinary photographer and we will definitely be working with you again in the future.” – Melanie D.

“Thank you so much for the amazing photos.  We will cherish these pictures for a long long time. I greatly appreciate you sending them over so quickly!  We absolutely loved working with you!!” – Christina A.

I have absolutely loved every single shot Dayna has taken of my family. Not only is her photography amazing, but she is as well. I will always call on Madeline Garrett photography to capture the special moments in our lives.” – Jennifer G. 

The family photographs are just perfect!  Each one so sweetly captured by you!!  Thank you for providing these wonderful memories. Thank you! Thank you!!” – Mary W. 

Real Estate Photography Clients


“I am a local Brevard Realtor. I have been “in the business” for over 30 years. Oh my goodness! I thought I was the “supreme” photographer in my own right. And yes, my customers agreed that I took great photos as a Realtor. However, I am blown away by the immediate responses I have received on listings since I hired Dayna Healy with Madeline Garrett Photography. Just this weekend, I received my first situation with “multiple offers” on a property. I know it was “priced right”, but Dayna made the on-line presentation look EXTRAORDINARY!!! I also have a listing that seemed to have been “cursed”. We buried a St. Joseph, then I met Dayna, she took her professional photos, and WOW after almost two years of torture, WE HAVE AN ACCEPTED CONTRACT. I truly believe it is Dayna’s “eye” and professional presentation that has grabbed the eye and emotion of prospective buyers. I love her angles and thought process re: photo order – I love how easy she makes it for me so I can work on SELLING my customer’s property.”  – Kymberly Leitzow, Southern Tropics Real Estate, LLC